Adoption Fundraisers

From time to time we host fundraisers for families in the midst of the adoption process. We love connecting with other adopting families and playing a small role in their journey.


Because we were there and we understand the overwhelming feeling of trying to figure out how to save extra and pay all the expenses. Adoption is a beautiful thing and money is not a good reason to not adopt. However, money can be a challenge. 

How it works

We will host a fundraiser in your honor and sell jewelry on our Facebook page for a predetermined length of time (usually one week). After the sale is complete and all the items have been shipped out, we will mail you a check with a cut of all the sales. (These sales aren't so much about us making money as us helping you, so the cut is pretty substantial)

What do you have to do?

It's pretty simple. Fill out this application below and will get back to and let you know if we can help. If you are selected, you will need to have your adoption agency provide us with a letter to verify your adoption. Then the fun begins, you send us a couple photos of your family so we can create some advertising/promotional materials. You can suggest a few specific designs you would like to include in your sale and we will pick the rest based on what sells well. Next you begin promoting the sale and sharing the event with friends and family. This is the most important part. Your success with the sale will greatly depend on how well you continue to promote it during the event. (Think big, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, email, and word of mouth.) We can help you with ideas if you need.

Apply Now

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