Meet the Frys

We are the Frys! We are adoption lovers, Jesus seeking, mission minded parents of two littles, who are always looking for a creative outlet! Ivy Barn Designs began in 2011 as a fundraiser to help bring our daughter home from India. The fundraiser began under the name, "Shape of Love Shoppe," with the logo sporting the shape of India. In 2014 we brought our spunky, curly haired, chocolate skinned daughter home from India. Yes the adoption process really did take almost 4 years! Much to our surprise, two days later we discovered that we were pregnant with our son. Not everyone can have two littles in one year! Our family was quickly growing right along with our jewelry business. We put our business on hold for that first year as we were quickly transitioning to a family of four. In 2016 we began to find a balance of family, homeschooling and business. In 2018 Ivy Barn Designs became a full time business for both my husband and myself.  Each necklace is meticulously designed and handcrafted.  Our aim as a family owned business is to not only support our family but to spread the gospel and to help carry the financial burden for other adopting couples.  

We appreciate you supporting our family through your purchase.